The Fires of Spring

The Fires of Spring is a narrative of Shelly Culbertson’s journey through six countries of the Middle East, seeking insight into how the Arab Spring has changed the region. It mixes analysis, stories about people, descriptions of places, and history.


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“Shelly Culbertson is a sensitive observer with a deep knowledge of the developments in the Middle East since the Arab Spring. Travelling through six very different countries, she unravels the similarities and differences of their predicaments, and shows that long term optimism is still possible despite the huge challenges they face. Her book is an example of what travel writing should really be, and shows that no one should despair despite the dreadful conflicts that are raging in parts of the region.”

―John McHugo, author of A Concise History of the Arabs and Syria: A History of the last Hundred Years

Photo by Ahmed Abd El-Fatah / CC BY 2.0

Take a Journey with the Fires of Spring

Here’s more about the locations and people interviewed for this book.

Overlooking Cairo